Finishing on a high: personal faves and highlights

Featured strings: Just Go Nuts, Overlooked Treasures This is my last blog entry for Artstring; I've had the most tremendous time exploring the collections at the National Gallery, Science Museum and British Museum in greater depth than I had previously, and I sincerely hope, as I mentioned in my introductory post that other museums, London and worldwide, follow suit … Continue reading Finishing on a high: personal faves and highlights

Iconoclasm: The Death Of History

Featured String: Iconoclasm & the Reformation What's all this then? The word "Iconoclasm" was coined originally to describe two specific periods of history. This "war on icons" (images of divinities), the First and Second Iconoclasms, took place between 726--787CE and then again between 814--842CE, in the early Christian Byzantine Empire which covered much of modern-day Turkey, … Continue reading Iconoclasm: The Death Of History

When Cultures Collide: Influence and Inspiration

Featured String: When Cultures Collide In Display It Like You Stole It, I talked about one kind of cultural interaction--acquisition, usually without permission. Misappropriation of another culture in the form of pilfering its sacred artefacts or purchasing them from others who've done a bit of grave-robbing or looting is a well-known story in the modern … Continue reading When Cultures Collide: Influence and Inspiration