Pacific Perspectives, Oceania, and James Cook

Featured string:¬†Cooking up a Storm I created this particular string as a response to two exhibitions I attended more-or-less back-to-back. In a feat of coordination, the British Museum and the Royal Academy have produced two differing exhibitions on Pacific culture recently. They differ in scale, they differ in function, they differ in approach, layout, and … Continue reading Pacific Perspectives, Oceania, and James Cook

The Propaganda Machine

Featured string: Realm & Empire: Propaganda Until the development of newspapers, and later broadcast media, it was often difficult for the rulers of countries to get their message out to the masses on whose cooperation was necessary for keeping society in good order. There were a couple of ways of passing on important information, and … Continue reading The Propaganda Machine

Storehouses of Knowledge or Warehouses of Risk?

Futureproofing: Disasters? In light of the recent and absolutely catastrophic cultural and scientific loss both to Brazil and to the world in the¬†fire that consumed the national museum in Rio, there are a lot of questions to be raised about what the future is for museums as conservators and curators of culture to join the … Continue reading Storehouses of Knowledge or Warehouses of Risk?